Hi All,

I'm having great difficulty with something that I feel is pretty straight

I cannot figure out how to get enable roaming users.

I am running a system with FreeBSD 5.1 + qmail + vpopmail + courier-imap.

All I want to be able to do is add the --enable-roaming-users=y option to my
vpopmail installation. Apparently I didn't add this option when I originally
installed vpopmail because I have edited ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp to include
my local network (192.168.1:allow,RELAYCLIENT="") to be able to relay mail
through the server and then ran the ~vpopmail/bin/clearopensmtp program to
update my ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb file.

I am still unable to send mail using Outlook 2003 from address.
I've tried re-compiling vpopmail and including the --enable-roaming-users=y
and then re-installing it to the same location (/usr/local/Apps/Vpopmail)
but it has made no difference.

How can I enable roaming users in my current situation?

It seems like it should just work for me already.

Thank you in advance for any help,

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