28.02.2004, 18:23, Erwin Hoffmann wrote:
> 2. To avoid processing of mail for nonexisting accounts you might want to
> use my RECIPIENTS extension for qmail-smtpd. To support virtutal domains
> you have to compile it without the "locals" restriction. 

about spamcontrol, RECIPIENT extension and vpopmail:

when I compiled spamcontrol with "locals=no", it seems to me qmail-smtpd
checks not only domains in locals, virtualdomains, rcpthosts, but EVERY
outgoing email address, doesn't it? 
well, sometimes it can help us to selective relaying to external email
world, but usually wrong...

so, for full vpopmail support you have to compile spamcontrol with
"local=yes", but change line 38 (spamcontrol-2.2.9) at recipients.c 
  flaglocals = control_readfile(&locals,"control/locals",0);
  flaglocals = control_readfile(&locals,"control/rcpthosts",0);

since usually no one domain in vpopmail configuration is really local

but, it might be wrong if we are secondary MX for some domain!!! 
in this case it MUST another file, which is 
ls -l /home/vpopmail/domains > /var/qmail/control/domains)

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