I have a few questions about aliases and fowards on an account level as well as the command 'vaddaliasdomain' in vpopmail.

Maybe the first questions should be: Where can I find some good info on the 'vaddaliasdomain'- command in vpopmail? The little documentation I've found is sparse. I assume I haven't searched in the right places. =)

Do you need an existing account to add an alias or foward from in Qmail, since you can add an alias or ffwd even if the "to-be-forwarded-from"-account doesn't exist? It's possible to do this in qmailadmin without errors, so that is why I'm asking.

If you use the 'vaddaliasdomain' command, can you erase all accounts in the forwarded domain?

How can you tell if you have used the 'vaddaliasdomain' with vpopmail? (Is it /var/qmail/users/assign ?) How do I interprete this file if that's the one?

Thanks for your interest.

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