On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 11:25:05PM +0100, Mathias Haas wrote:

> Maybe the first questions should be: Where can I find some good info on 
> the 'vaddaliasdomain'- command in vpopmail? 


> The little documentation I've found is sparse. I assume I haven't
> searched in the right places. =)

Maybe you should simply read the qmail documentation, understand it, use
'vaddaliasdomain', see which files it affects[1] and get the idea how
simply this program works.

> Do you need an existing account to add an alias or foward from in Qmail, 

No. Bouncing mails because of "No Mailbox here by that name" can be
generated even with 500 forwarding instructions, each pointing to the

> It's possible to do this in qmailadmin without errors, so that is why
> I'm asking.

Forwards: yes. Aliases: No.
Nevertheless Aliases to non existing mailboxes could be created manually
using dot-qmail files (and qmailadmin does nothing else than
manipulating dot-qmail files and if necessary vpasswd{,.cdb}).

> If you use the 'vaddaliasdomain' command, can you erase all accounts in 
> the forwarded domain?

An 'aliased' domain is not the same as a 'forwarded' one.
So the answer is: No.
A domain alias ends in all aliased domain use the same data. So if you
delete or add or change anything in one of them you alter it for all of
them. Aliasing a domain only creates a different name this domain can be
dealt with.

> How can you tell if you have used the 'vaddaliasdomain' with vpopmail?

By examining files of [1].

> (Is it /var/qmail/users/assign ?) How do I interprete this file if 
> that's the one?

man qmail-users

[0] http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?Acronym=UTSL
[1] /var/qmail/users/{assign,cdb}
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