> Eduardo M. Bragatto wrote:
>> Rick Widmer wrote:
>>> There are two ways to run the extension that I know of.
>>> o Start a separate instance of Apache on its own port or IP address,
>>> running as the mail user.  This instance should only serve mail related
>>> pages.  This is very easy to do.
>>> o Don't allow any web sites on the mail server.  Only run QmailAdmin
>>> and
>>> sqWebmail on the mail server, and don't allow anyone but mail system
>>> administrators to login on the machine.  (This is the one I use.)

I've got a question.

If one runs such a dedicated apache-instance (uid=vpopmail) on a more or
less random port bound to localhost - would it be possible to
reverse-proxy your script through the main instance on port 80/443 ?
Generally, this works best when the site uses no JavaScript and only
relative links.
That would keep the "single system image" to end-users and administrators.


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