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I'm facing a problem related to maildir quota. I'm using qmail-1.03
patched with qmail-maildir++ patch, vpopmail 5.4.0, qmailadmin 1.2.0 and
courier-imap 2.2.1. I'm also using quota_usage 1.2 plugin for

I've assigned a default quota of 10MB for a specific domain and whenver
I create an account using vadduser command, default quota is allocated
to the new user and is reflected in the, say, the following file:

Now the problem asrise whenever I try changing the quota for this user
from qmailadmin or using vmoduser command. 

If I use vmoduser command to modify the quota for this user, the file
"maildirsize" is removed 
from user's Maildir.

If I use qmailadmin to modify the quota for this user, the file
"maildirsize" exists but "S" is removed from the quota and file contents

Now, I think if there is no "S" with the quota size, maildir quota is
not retreived properly by courier-imap. Infact in this situation, my
quota_usage plugin doesn't show anyting on squirrelmail. If I manually
add "S" into the file, everything works OK.

I think it has got something to do with the maildir++ patch. What can be
done about this?? 


Shiraz Malik
Dancom OnLine Services,
Islamabad, Pakistan. 

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