qmailadmin has "hooks" that will allow you to send info to other places when you add, delete or modify a user. Read the document /var/src/qmailadmin-xxxxx/README.hooks for details.

Basically, it'll tell you to create a .qmailadmin-hooks file, what to put in it and the various places you may want to place the file. Make sure that .qmailadmin-hooks has the correct user and group ownership, too.

I use it to call a bash script. It could probably also call /usr/lib/courier-imap/bin/maildirmake.

If you want my script file let me know.



http://www.jerfu.com/toaster/FullToaster_1.0.6.html show me a way to alter vpopmail.c 
in order to create directory for spam email automatically. However, it is only for 
version 5.3.11. Is there any link that can show
me related information about vpopmail 5.4.1 ?



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