On Mar 7, 2004, at 9:41 PM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
you completely ignored the question just to say to use vpopmail 5.4.0

the problem is he's submitting a blank line to qmail-pop3d. My machines
do the same thing, one is using straight djb checkpassword, and the
other is using vmailmgr.

Thanks for pointing this out, Jeremy.

Vpopmail 5.2.2 is still a good release. I doubt you could say that 5.4.0 "works better" (and I'm not sure what X-Istence based that statement on). For anyone who has been happy running 5.2.1, I recommend 5.2.2. Anyone running a 5.3.x release really should consider upgrading to 5.4.x. We fixed a lot of bugs from that series, especially in the last few months leading up to 5.4.0.

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