This has already been answered. There is _no_ way to achieve this
without you hacking away, or paying someone else to hack away at
the code to add this sort of functionality. As for the mailing list,
im not sure if there is a echo off type function that the customer
can use to not receive their own posts back from the server.


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>From: Matthieu Foillard [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>Sent: Tuesday, 9 March 2004 5:54 PM
>Subject: [vchkpw] how to make sender does not receive it's own email ?
>Hi list,
>I'm running a "classic" setup using qmail + vpopmail + qmailadmin.
>I've some aliases defined and i want sender which is belong to 
>an alias does 
>not receive its own email.
>i've defined an alias like [EMAIL PROTECTED] -> [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>if [EMAIL PROTECTED] sends a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], i want [EMAIL PROTECTED] does 
>receive its own 
>email, only other members, in this case : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Is there a way to do so ?
>Then, using ezmlm-idx, i want to to the same so that senders 
>does not receive 
>its own email when sending mail to the list in which he belongs to.
>Thanks for help,

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