On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Ken Jones wrote:
> On Thursday 11 March 2004 4:22 pm, Tom Collins wrote:


> > I'm not sure that there's a need to disable the shared library option
> > -- I'd like to always build it.
> I'd like to be able to disable shared libraries.
> I like not having run time linking each time vchkpw and vdelivermail
> are run. I'd rather link once at compile time. Makes it just-a-bit-more
> efficent. The only thing it would save me is recompiling vpopmail dependent
> libraries on an update, and that's not a big deal for me.

I see where Mr. Jones is coming from and I agree.  However, I also see
where having a shared library could be better.  (See, for instance, the
recurring theme on this list of "I just recompiled vpopmail and now
qmail doesn't work/users can't authenticate through courier-imap/other
stuff is broken now.")

Perhaps, for a 'best of both worlds' (or 'horrible compromise') idea,
maybe we should have configure switches so that we can build static vchkpw
and vdelivermail binaries (since these are the two most run programs under
vpopmail as far as I can see) and yet still build the shared library for
linking with other binaries, including vadddomain, qmailadmin, courier's
authvchkpw module, etc.  I think that any performance hit we might take by
making vadddomain and the other binaries link against the shared library
would be tolerable.


Chris Ess
System Administrator / CDTT (Certified Duct Tape Technician)

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