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On Monday, March 15, 2004 at 2:45:37 AM you wrote (at least in part):

> Here is what I plan on doing:
> vadddomain each domain on the new server
> Stop qmail-smtpd on the old server
> Stop POP on the old server
> rsync domain directories from old->new
> Change DNS so new server responds on old servers name

What about

- vadddomain
- change DNS for A records pointing to new IP
- 1 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/sync_the_two

  ,----- [ /usr/local/sbin/sync_the_two ]
  | #!/bin/sh
  | PATH="/var/qmail/bin:/usr/bin"
  | nmails=`qmail-qstat |tr -d '[a-zA-Z0: \n]'`
  | if [ -n "$nmails" ]; then
  |     exec rsync $PARAM
  | fi
this way you'll not have any downtime of your services, have no
problem with existing queue and have all mails on the new server.
The worst that can happen is somebody getting a/some mail/s twice when
- you rsync
- they first POP3 using old IP (their DNS might not have reflected the
  changes at this point)
- they POP3 again but this time use the new IP (their upstream DNS
  updated it's cache, e.g. because expire was reached).

This "risk" can be minimized by using '--delete' parameter for rsync,
as this should delete files not existing at $old, as long as the rsync
call is between the two POP3 sessions.

If you care to much about twice fetched messages stop SMTP and POP3
/after/ you changed DNS and before you rsync first time, this'll keep
outage at a minimum. Nevertheless rsync regularly, moving the queue
over can be a PITA as qmail is quiet picky about the queue structure.
A minimum of difference between the two systems and the queue might be
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