Alex Borges wrote:

Ok, here is a couple of excerpts from the maildirquota.c file:

800:  if ( *subdir != '.' || strcmp(subdir, ".") == 0 ||
801:    strcmp(subdir, "..") == 0 || strcmp(subdir, ".Trash") == 0)

836: if ( *subdir != '.' || strcmp(subdir, ".") == 0 || strcmp(subdir, "..") == 0 || strcmp(subdir, ".Trash") == 0) return (0);

And well... i want to know if i can remove Trash from this exclusion please, pretty please.

Yes, of course i can also change the name of my trash folder in my app,
i just dont want to...

Is there any reason why the folder named .Trash is not included in quota
accounting? Is that part of tyhe maildir++ spec or what?

I'd say it's a quick and dirty hack to enable people who are over quota the removal of mail.

The operation of putting something in the trash is most likely "copy", so people who are over quota wouldn't be able to delete.anything...


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