>In the process to install a new qmail/vpopmail server, I have a problem
>with some mail that arrives before any spam filter is installed. There
>is a lot of mailboxes and in each I can see some mail. I check some of
>them : it's only spam.
># l /var/lib/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>/Maildir/new/
>I'm looking for a way to erase these mails before I give my 
>users access
>to this server.
>I can telnet on localhost:110 and use dele for each account but it will
>be a long task, boring. Is there another way ?
>Can I remove the files with 'rm' without problem ?
>Thanks for your help (and sorry for my poor english),

You can just rm the files from the Maildir. Once they have reached the
users Maildir, qmail is finished with them.


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