and my others questions how with this configuration can we make work the
.qmail file inside the directory ? to make feature from qmailadmin worked
(the autorespond , the forwaders etc)

see the maildrop script in my post 'Re: [vchkpw] possible bug in vdelivermail' of March 4. It should be possible to solve your problem with a line
to "| /path/to/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox"
that starts standard vpopmail/qmail delivery and takes the .qmail file in the mailuser home into account. However, in my case it doesnt work properly. It does all qmailadmin features fine except forwarding! I was not able to solve the issue and so far nobody came up with a solution. It seems not to be a maildrop problem as some .qmail features work. From looking at the vdelivermail source I see no obvious bug as well. So my guess is some interaction thing, a system wide parameter that is lost while using maildrop (that is maybe also the answer to your other question). At the moment I found no better way than to scan the .qmail file from maildrop and check for a forward address and do the forwrd thing from within maildrop (yuck!).


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