Doug Clements wrote:

Jens Benecke wrote:

I am looking for a web frontend, that can authenticate against
vpopmail users, and allows users to specify POP3 servers and logins,
and will fetch (or call fetchmail/getmail/gotmail/fetchyahoo/... in
the background) for the specified accounts, and sort mail into the
right vpopmail boxes.

Squirrelmail can do this. I don't remember if it's native or if it requires
a third-party plugin or not.

It works more or less out-of-the-box, the standard squirrelmail distribution already has this plugin.
One may have to activate it, though.
On a related note: can someone contribute any numbers on how scaleable this POP3-fetching in squirrelmail is ?
It's implemented in PHP with sockets and I have no idea what happens when lots of users start fetching mail via this feature.


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