Brad Davis wrote:

On Monday 22 March 2004 19:18, Charles Sprickman wrote:


I'm finally settling in to a nice vpopmail install, and I'm trying to help
our support staff deal with this wildly different system (the old
mailserver was sendmail/uw-imap).  There were a number of shell scripts
and whatnot on the old server to show things like what aliases from any
hosted domain pointed to what accounts, mail usage reports, etc.

Before I go nuts and re-invent the wheel, does anyone have anything that
could either go in the contrib directory of the vpopmail distribution or
perhaps somewhere on the sf.net site?

Some handy things I have in mind:

-alias mapper (something to show what aliases go where)
-quota report (who is over quota at the moment, who's approaching quota)
-.qmail checker (look for completely bogus/illegal .qmail files, verify
that somewhere in each domain vdelivermail is called)
-any log parsing tools that deal with vpopmail's mysql logging
-any web tools beyond qmailadmin/vqadmin

I have a couple of these in production including a showqueue script (handy for adding domains to badmailfrom), and showsmtpip script (handy for blacklisting IP spammers).

If someone wants to setup a sourceforge account I'll gladly donate them and write up some others.



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