On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 14:56, Chris Miller wrote:
> With the learning passwords feature enabled, does that set usersʼ
> passwords to the one they supply whenever they check their mail for
> the very first time? When Iʼm adding a user, will it automatically
> overwrite the password that I enter?

if the password field is blank (I think the actual encrypted password
field, not the cleartext password) then it will be learned.  If you set
a password for the user, or if the user has already 'taught' vpopmail
its password, it doesn't 'learn' anymore.

make sure not to have learn-password on while using smtp auth, or have
two separate vchkpw binaries, one with and one without learn password,
as that creates a huge security hole. (even bigger than enabling


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