From: "Eirik Haavik" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I am really not sure of that. Gary,
> Anyway i emtyed the locals file and restarted qmail and it had no effect
> i put back into it.
> of all the files inside /var/qmail/control/  these 2 are the ones that
> worryes me.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/# cat /var/qmail/control/plusdomain
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/# cat /var/qmail/control/defaultdomain
> the reason? Well i really dont know mutch about any of the files from
> but my mailserver name is  and those 2 files above are
> ONLY files inside /var/qmail/control/  witch ONLY contains
> (and thats where my mailserver sends all the mails, regardless of the
> spesified domain.

Did you read the faq?

- uses one uid/gid for all email accounts
  two types of email addresses
  1) for domains in /var/qmail/control/locals the email
     addresses are:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
     pop authentication user name is: user

  2) for "virtual" domains in /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains
     addresses are of the form [EMAIL PROTECTED]
     pop authentication user name is:
                    user%virtualdomain or [EMAIL PROTECTED] depending on email

So, if you have "" in /var/qmail/control/locals, qmail will
try to deliver to [EMAIL PROTECTED] locally, and not to vpopmail


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