I've got a couple of issues.

I'm in the process of migrating a cluster of qmail servers to MySQL
backend for authentication, and have a question:

I'm set up to use vpopmail:relay table to track pops, and I've applied
the tcpserver patch to also use vpopmail:relay to store info on
'always-allowed' relaying from our own IPs.

My questions:

1 - Previously, with .cdb arrangement, we used the form "192.168.0." to
permit relaying from any machine in that /24 network.  How do I specify
the same using vpopmail:relay??  When I've tried using the same form, it
appears not to work.  Do I need to insert each IP individually?  (that'd
be ugly, with a /21 public network and roughly the same size in combined
private networks, but if that's the way then that's the way...)

2 - Allowing 'permanent' relaying - Do I just use a ridiculously high

3 - How did I end up with entries like this in vpopmail:relay???

|      | 1080657350   |
| | 108036425024 |

I've got (currently) two qmail/vpopmail nodes in the cluster running on
the MySQL backend, and a third still on cdb (until we're assured of the
stability of the new setup).  Because of this split, I've written a
small perl program that periodically synchronizes the two - it reads in
open-smtp, reads in all entries from the relay table, removes the
earlier of any duplicates, then inserts/updates entries in the db and
writes a new open-smtp.


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