Is there any way to set up SMTP-Auth, while still allowing pop-b4-smtp? 
So far when I've rebuilt the system with SMTP-Auth patching, it will
ONLY accept SMTP-Auth to allow relaying... :(

We have several thousand clients set up on pop-b4-smtp, and forcing a
mass migration to smtp-auth is out of the question, yet I /really/ want
to get proper smtp-auth working, so new clients are already there, and
current clients are migrated as we are able to do so.

We're set up with qmail/vpopmail on mysql backend, in an IPVS cluster
arrangement of three mailnodes, a director, and a DB/fileserver
backend.  Worst-case I guess I can assign a second public IP and a
separate DNS entry, and force SMTP-Auth clients to use the second FQDN,
routing that to a single node that supports SMTP-Auth, but then I lose
the benefit of clustering.  :(

Any insights are appreciated.


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