The mysql server patch for tcpserver works very well and its simple
to use. That's aside from the fact that almost every qmail install
out there is using tcpserver anyway. Makes sense to keep it simple.
But each to their own, I personally would rather keep all the IP's that
are allowed to relay in one place.

PS: I just confirmed the format is as I said before. Add the IP address
like 192.168.0 with a NULL timestamp.


>On Tuesday 30 March 2004 03:40 pm, Joel Newkirk wrote:
>> I'm set up to use vpopmail:relay table to track pops, and 
>I've applied
>> the tcpserver patch to also use vpopmail:relay to store info on
>> 'always-allowed' relaying from our own IPs.
>this is better:
>put /var/spool/relay-ctrl on an nfs share.  Easy as pie.
>then you can just use normal tcprules stuff if you want to do 
>static relay 
>controls, etc.

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