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Hello Devendra,

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>>> I have a peculiar requirement of just trashing a particular "Mail From:" to
>>> any of the virtual domains hosted on a Server.
>>echo SENDERADDRESS >>/var/qmail/control/badmailfrom

> Thanks for your solution. But, the "badmailfrom" would give a bounce from
> qmail-smtpd (MTA).

No, it'd give a 5xx code from your qmail-smtpd and the bounce is
created by somebody else. Your system does /NOT/ bounce the message,
it just rejects it. If the other side bounces is not within your

> I just wanted to blackhole it, without sending any intimation even if it
> violates any RFC.

Than you have two options:

1) hacking qmail source to read a "dev-null" list and deliver all
   mails with sender address on this list to /dev/null (i.e. to drop
   the message)

2) manipulate all dot-qmail files that could be involved in a delivery
   and check if the message came from $BAD_SENDER. If so exit(99) from
   this check and no further delivery instructions in this dot-qmail
   file will be processed. Quite a lot of work to do, and you'd have
   to take care of all new created dot-qmail files in your setup.
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Peter Palmreuther

COBOL: Crappy Obsolete Butthead Oriented Language.

My God !,

Lot of work to do, fiddling with the source would be my last resort.

In the meanwhile I tried the "BLACKHOLED Sender for the notorious" option of But, this option too sends back a bounce after a couple of days. The deferral is generated from the sending server not my server.

I wished not to give the sender any clue as why his mail is disappearing --> blackholed.

I would wait for more comments from fellow list members.


Devendra Singh

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