On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 12:59, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> this is better:  http://untroubled.org/relay-ctrl
> put /var/spool/relay-ctrl on an nfs share.  Easy as pie.
> then you can just use normal tcprules stuff if you want to do static relay 
> controls, etc.
> -Jeremy

And Shane Chrisp wrote:
> I just confirmed the format is as I said before. Add the IP address
> like 192.168.0 with a NULL timestamp.
> Shane

Thanks, both.  I've implemented Shane's solution for the time being, as
we're already set up for that, simply needing the correct syntax. 
However, we're going to be building a new mailcluster in the near future
so I'll be looking at alternatives to our current approaches on
different things.  I'm happiest with the chance to centralize everything
in SQL, however, wherever it's reasonable to do so.


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