On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 09:07, Devendra Singh wrote:
> I have a peculiar requirement of just trashing a particular "Mail From:" to 
> any of the virtual domains hosted on a Server. In that case even I do not 
> want to bounce the mail just trash (/dev/null) it.

Since you haven't gotten an answer yet that does what you want, I'll
throw this thought out.  It's probably more trouble to you than it's
worth just for this, but here goes...

My setup uses Maildrop.  Under this scenario, I got rid of most of my
.qmail files, and thus all mail is handled by .qmail-default, which
calls Maildrop.  In my Maildrop script, I can silently blackhole a
specific sender without any bounce whatsoever.  Given that I use one
master mailfilter for the entire server (with includes to customize it
per-domain and per-user), I can therefore blackhole any sender from the
entire server by doing so in the system-wide filter script.

- Ron

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