On Apr 1, 2004, at 12:31 PM, Eduardo M. Bragatto wrote:
I'm rebuilding my pop toaster and I would like to include the new vpopmail with spamassassin native support. But the current stable version doesn't include it. Only the source code from CVS has what I want.
I would like to know if the next version (5.4.4) will take a long time to arrive. I don't want to build my server with a cvs version for obvious reasons ;)

Actually, you'll want 5.5.1 when it is released, as that is the version that includes Ken's work. It will probably stay in the 5.5 series for awhile until it has been thoroughly tested.

I plan to continue maintaining vpopmail 5.4, and will backport bug fixes from the 5.5 series as necessary. As of now, the only chnage in 5.4.4 (over 5.4.3) is the addition of a math library when compiling with MySQL support.

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