Hello everybody,

Sorry for cross posting if you get this message two or three times. This is a 
milestone message and I will not make it a practice.

First, thank you everybody who wrote back (all in the CC:). Your comments were great 
and lead to much better visibility in the situation php <> vpopmail.

In this e-mail I make a summary of the situation and propose a direction.


Our original goal was to write a php/Smarty/PostgreSQL (the db type is optional) open 
source mail management module that can allow small (or bigger) dedicated servers to 
offer mail (qmail/vpopmail/ezmlm) services including billing with super user/domain 
administrator/mail account owner interfaces that can be used as stand alone or 
integrated easily in other applications.

It is mean to fill in the gap in this technology niche (php/Smarty). qmailadmin does a 
good job, but does not give tools to the php community - especially to be built into 
other systems or expanded.

More about the project here - http://sourceforge.net/projects/vs-mail-manager/

(the project is very young)

However, we hit a bottleneck.

The bottleneck

After we researched into the matter we found the bottleneck - the php <> vpopmail 
communication. The current php vpopmail extension is half dead for a number of 
reasons, one of the mail - the security issues - Apache must run as the vpopmail user 
in order for this to work. 

Looking for solution

As we do not produce 'private' solutions - we tried to spark a community process on 
the matter.

We talked to more than 20 people and on the two main lists - vpopmail and PECL. We 
talked to the current php vpopmail extension maintainer James Cox, to one of the 
original authors Boian Bonev and to one of the current active developers Rick Widmer.

We have not escalated the issue to the vpopmail and php maintainers so far. May be 
this should happen at some point.

Our goal is to try to produce a simple and easy to use community supported solution.

So far the conclusion is that the interest in the vpopmail extension is far from 
encouraging. It is used here and there - but all people who use it acknowledge that 
this is a 'strange' thing. So the answer seems not to be there.

Broad series of brainstorming lead to the idea that the solution might be rather in 
direction of a daemon rather than php extension. This idea was supported by more than 
ten people from all those who replied.

I had a chat with Boian Bonev (one of the original authors of the php vpopmail 
extension) and he also supports the daemon idea - but he added that it is important to 
be decided where the daemon will live - in vpopmail, in php or elsewhere (alone).

So this is the idea we want to explore now - "php <> vpopmail -> daemon or?"

First code

Rick Macdougall has written a daemon for somebody and this somebody has agreed to open 
the source. This might be a starting point. Waiting from Rick to write back with 


In order to avoid fragmented communication I would like to invite everybody interested 
to join the list vs-mail-manager-daemon on the 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/vs-mail-manager/ page - we will use this list for 
temporary initial discussion until we see if there is future in the daemon project.

There we can also discuss extension or daemon or triggering (as Marcin Soltysiak 
suggested) ...

After the initial stage we might kill the daemon project or wrap it up and freeze it 
or develop it - the stage is open.

At the end we need clear and simple solution that can be easy to use by the php 

Please, feel free to forward this communication to anybody you think will be 
interested in the matter.


I guess I do not need to say it - but I'll say it - we are not forking anything 
neither trying to split the development of any project. We try to isolate the case in 
a neutral environment (as it is a cross-project one), solve the conceptual and 
community problems and see where is its home. 

Looking forwards to see you there. Please, note that the list was just created so it 
might take some hours before it is activated. In order not to miss some of you - I 
will wait with the first posting about 24 hours.



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