Rick Macdougall wrote:

Ken Jones wrote:

I've been thinking about this and I think the daemon is definitly the
way to go. If Rick can't release the code I can write one. I think
the protocol could be like this:

I found the code and although it is not as pretty as I remember it is available for release. It's in php with a tcpserver front end. It currently lacks user authentication though.

From then on we could pass commands like:
For admin accounts:
vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] pass
vadddomain domain postmaster-pass
vdeldomain domain

Very easy to add modules to the server, just add a case statement.

I already have server code to handle this kind of daemon
in both single threaded and multithreaded modes.

Since it's written in php, and uses tcpserver as the socket connector, it should scale quite well.



Now what i want to ask is, could we write it efficiently. As i would want to deploy this over multiple servers, and having everything written out in normal ASCII would be a waste of bandwidth (all bytes count), i think that we should make it binary communication, just like DJB is trying to do with IM2000.

just my 0.02$.


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