On Friday 02 April 2004 2:15 pm, Marcin Soltysiak wrote:
> How about security? If we got it secures by SSL we coiuld use it on
> multiple servers from one console. Rick, could you post a URL to the code?

I was talking this over with Jeremy and he recommended running it
under tcpserver. So we could run it over ssl with the ssl patch to tcpserver.

> > That sounds good. Of course as a C programmer I'd prefer it be
> > written in C linking in the vpopmail API. I'd like to take a swing
> > at building it in C over the weekend.  vmailmgr has something
> > like this already, including a php module to talk to it. Perhaps
> > we can re-use some of that code.
> That woudl be the best way. However, then we'd need a PHP API to use in
> web-apps
Yep, a php module api to talk to the daemon. Apparently that is
what the vmailmgr daemon has.

> Solt

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