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why? We could talk to it using normal sockets. I dont see why it would require a special API to talk to a normal deamon on a TCP/IP. Even Unix sockets.

Here is my $0.02 on how to best implement a daemon...

The daemon is in C [1] and runs under tcpserver.  It opens a unix socket
on the local machine, and/or a TCP port if we want to get into off
machine access to the mail server.  The deamon links to the vpopmail
library, and makes calls to the library.

The daemon MUST require all connections to be authenticated, preferably
against the vpopmail user base.

There isn't much use in a binary interface to the daemon, because almost
all of the data it must pass is already ascii.  I think about the only
thing you could encode into a binary format is the identifier for which
function you want to call.  Domain names, user names, alias lines and
everything else vpopail deals with is ASCII data, so that is the natural
way to communicate with the daemon.  I would suggest something like pop3:

You send: It replies

user rwidmer                                      ok
password mypassword                               ok
addomain developersdesk.com mypassowrd            ok
adduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] mypassword        ok
addalias [EMAIL PROTECTED]          ok
                                                  enter alias addr?
[EMAIL PROTECTED]                                    enter alias addr?
[EMAIL PROTECTED]                               enter alias addr?
[EMAIL PROTECTED]                              enter alias addr?
[EMAIL PROTECTED]                                  enter alias addr?
[EMAIL PROTECTED]                            enter alias addr?
list developersdesk.com                           minimaillist  alias
                                                  postmaster    user
                                                  rick          user

                                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

list inter7.com                                   err - no such domain
list [EMAIL PROTECTED]                               err - no such domain
list [EMAIL PROTECTED]                       err - no such address
exit                                              ok

Make it something that is conversational enough to telnet in to test the
daemon without having to code both sides of the interface, and make sure
.  This syntax may not be exactly what it ends up using, but it should
be close.

Then you write a tidy little library in PHP, that uses sockets to open
the daemon, and provides functions that make it look like you are
accessing the vpopmail extension directly.

I was hoping to report the list on sourceforge was up and running, but
it seems to be taking a long time for my messages to be accepted.  Even
though I have already received the welcome message.


[1] Maybe it is my age showing, but it seems to me you want daemons lean
and mean, and having to load the whole PHP interpreter just doesn't do
it for me.  (This is from someone who usually prefers to do everything
in PHP.)

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