This is regarding qmail + vpopmail 5.3.12 running under tcpserver, on
FreeBSD 4.6.1.

My server was bouncing *everything* with 5.7.1, that is including stuff that
should have been delivered to domains hosted by my server.

I panicked and just rebooted my server (because reboot is very quick and it
is the most reliable way to fix a bunch of things quickly without having to
take time to identify a problem), and thus lost some of the evidence.

But I am suspicious based on previous expeirences that if a certain process
dies that some process starts responding to all smtp requests with 5.7.1.
Or is there any other obvious reason why qmail might go into a permanent
5.7.1 mode?

Thanks for any thoughts, and sorry to be so lacking in info.  I did do a
quick ps when I discovered the problem and I'm pretty sure that the
tcpserver process involving qmail-smtpd was probably not there.  I only
remembered it should have been there after rebooting and doing another ps.
Is there some default mode for smtp connections that takes over under such a

Kurt Bigler

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