Ken Jones wrote:
On Friday 02 April 2004 2:32 pm, Iavor Raytchev wrote:

Hello everybody,

As it seems that the daemon idea prevails - what about a 'home' for the

When I spoke to Boian Bonev (one of the authors of the php vpopmail
extension) he was absolutely for the daemon idea, but he said that it is
very important to decide about its home -

Is it going to be somewhere around vpopmail or somewhere around php or
somewhere around itself.

In certain way it somehow belongs to all these places.

As in addition to a home - it will need also a group of people who believe
in it - the place where it lives should be easily accessible.

Would be best to open a project and open a wiki for an easy
white board?


I'd like to keep it in the vpopmail project. The daemon could be part of
the regular code and the php client module could be part of contrib?
I really like the idea of a wiki, too bad we don't have one for vpopmail.


This would cause problems. Then it would not be in PHP releases, and only in the contrib directory, thus making it still an "remote" option and not likely a widely adopted one.


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