Iavor Raytchev wrote:
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> X-Istence wrote:
> Now what i want to ask is, could we write it efficiently. As i would
> want to deploy this over multiple servers, and having everything
> written out in normal ASCII would be a waste of bandwidth (all bytes
> count), i think that we should make it binary communication, just
> like DJB is trying to do with IM2000.
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> We must write it efficiently and with all (as many as possible)
> aspects in mind. If we create the next thing that 'works, but...' -
> it would be not very useful.

Efficiency is good, but you lose a lot of debugging ease when you go to
binary protocols. How many times have you used telnet to debug pop and smtp
sessions? Converting to binary communications does not save that much
bandwidth at all, and for a large price of complexity.


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