> Here is what I've come up with so far for the vpopmaild daemon.
> Comments?

addaliasdomain (and derivatives)
auth: SA - no restrictions
auth: DA - depends on privileges
usage: adddomain <domain name> <alias domain>
OK - on success
ERROR <error code> <error message>

client -> adddomain example.com test
vpopmaild -> OK
vpopmaild -> ERROR XXX alias domains not allowed

setadminuser - to set other than postmater domain admin

> I have a working vpopmaild now. If we can work out the details then
> I can probably have a version for testing by Monday.

> I added file/directory commands so we can manage .qmail files
> or create autoresponder directories/files etc.
Will need extending vpopmail PHP class but ...

> I'm thinking we should keep the vpopmaild as simple as possible,
> and place most of the intelligence for formating these simple commands
> into the php module. 

... that is good as well.


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