Ken Jones wrote:

Here is what I've come up with so far for the vpopmaild daemon.

Looking good! Can I get an early copy? I'd like to try to build the PHP object to connect with it using sockets. I think most of what you have done looks great.



You don't show any authentication commands. How do I login to the daemon?

How will the daemon report what access level the user has?  I'm sure the
program using the daemon will have to adapt to the rights of the current

How are you planning to authenticate SA users?  (Where are the passwords

auth: SA - no restrictions
auth: DA - must match DA domain
usage: adduser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> <password>
OK - on success
ERROR <error code> <error message>

A SA user should be able to use

adduser <user> <password>

to create a new SA user through the interface.  Or something similar, I
would like to manage system users within the application.

auth: SA - restricted to vpopmail domain directories
auth: DA - restricted to DA domain directory
auth: U - restricted to users directory
usage: mkdir <directory>
OK - on success
ERROR <error code> <error message>

What is <directory>, and how do I specify them. I think my favorite would be:

SA - prepend ~vpopmail/domains/ to <directory>

DA - prepend ~vpopmail/domains/mydomain/ to <directory>

U - prepend ~vpopmail/domains/mydomain/myuser/ to <directory>

On the other hand that requires the programmer on the PHP side to
describe the directory differently depending on the access level of the
user that is logged in.  Maybe it is better to just prepend
~vpopmail/domains to the directory and require the user to send the
directory part below no matter what access is available.  That way I
don't have to change how I specify a directory based on the user's rights.

Is there _any_ reason the daemon should ever access any file or
directory above  ~vpopmail/domains?

Please be sure to look up vpopmail's home directory, and not just assume it is /home/vpopmail! (Compile time is fine.)

Error Codes:
Not yet defined

Where possible, pass existing error codes on, and make up all new codes so they have unique values. (Check against vpopmail and ezmlm for existing codes.)



listdomain auth: SA - list all domains auth: DA - no access, return an error auth: U - no access, return an error usage listdomain List of all domains, in alpha order, followed by an empty line, followed by OK.

NOTE:  The base code for this should be placed in vpopmail itself.  I am
specifying alpha order because it is so easy for all of the database
back ends to do, and not that much harder to do for CDB.  (Yes I will
handle the CDB interface to allow this.  It is much like my patch to
list aliases in order.)

listuser auth: SA - can list any domain auth: DA - can list own domain auth: u - no access, return an error usage listuser <domain> List all users (accounts with a maildir, and pop/imap access) in alpha order, within the domain, followed by a blank line then OK.

listalias auth: SA - can list any domain auth: DA - can list own domain auth: u - no access, return an error usage listalias <domain> List all aliases (.qmail files, or aliases stored in a database) in alpha order, using the new valias capabilities of vpopmail.

NOTE:  Tom's valias support handles most of this.  Add my patch for CDB
and a 'ORDER BY' statement in the SQL code for the database plugins to
have vpopmail return the values in the correct order.

This will use the vpopmail functions valias_select and valias_select_next.

listlist auth: SA - can list any domain auth: DA - can list own domain auth: u - no access, return an error usage listalias <domain> List all mailing lists, in alpha order within the domain. This will probably involve searching for symlinks in the Domain's directory.

I would like to get my hands on the following vpopmail functions:

Alias Handling

There is no current support in vpopmail for it, but it would be very
nice to have a set of functions that store and retrieve aliases in a
user specified order.  This does not have to be done now, but should be
on the long term plan.

IP Mapping vget_ip_map vadd_ip_map vdel_ip_map vshow_ip_map

Domain Limits vget_limits vset_limits vdel_limits

Last Authentication vget_lastauth vget_lastauthip vset_lastauth

You might want to call vset_lastauth yourself, and not make it something
that can be requested by the daemon.  At least SA and DA users should be
able to view lastauth info on their users.

And then there are mailing lists...

Right now my policy on ezmlm is to ignore it till the rest of my
QmailAdmin project is complete.  Sorry, I don't know much about how
mailing lists are handled now, but I do feel they are important to
manage from PHP.

If someone knows more about what is required, please chime in!


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