vpopmaild Monday status and summary

1) Status 
I have a working vpopmaild that authenticates and runs
a few of the commands below. I'll be working on more
of the functions today. I'll update CVS later today so
people can pick up a working copy.

1) The auth command. 
Let's have it return the user information for who is authenticating. 
I think that information could be handy. Plus for System Admins
return the full path to vpopmail/domains directory. And for Domain Admins
return the full path to the domain directory.

2) Directories.
Following up on what Rick was suggesting for directory paths.
For simplicity perhaps we should use full paths for everything.
With the auth command returning full paths and the user 
information containing full paths it might make things easier
to understand if everything uses full paths.

3) Current list of proposed functions

User commands:
add_user del_user mod_user user_info

Domain commands:
add_domain del_domain dom_info 
(do we need mod_domain?)

Directory/File commands:
mk_dir rm_dir list_dir 
mk_file rm_file write_file read_file 
(perhaps mk_file and write_file should be one function)

List commands:
list_domains list_users list_alias list_lists

IP mapping commands:
get_ip_map add_ip_map del_ip_map show_ip_map

Limit commands:
get_limits set_limits del_limits

Last Auth commands:
get_lastauth get_lastauthip
(perhaps just one get_lastauth command returning date and ip?)

Mailing list comamnds:
add_list del_list mod_list

Graceful close:


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