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On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 13:52, Peter Palmreuther wrote:

> > Even if RELAYCLIENT is set, (the Auth patched) qmail-smtpd *WILL* ask for
> > Authentication. 
> No. It'll /OFFER/ SMTP-ATUH, for those that want to set up their mail
> client to always use SMTP-AUTH instead of relying on a formerly done
> POP3.
> You absolutely don't have to make ANY use of this offer. If your IP is
> set to RELAYCLIENT="" by a former POP3 (or whatever) connection, or
> even is set statically to be allowed to relay, the MUA can simply go

> I read this:
> ,----- [ <mid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ]
> | Is there any way to set up SMTP-Auth, while still allowing pop-b4-smtp? 
> | So far when I've rebuilt the system with SMTP-Auth patching, it will
> | ONLY accept SMTP-Auth to allow relaying... :(
> `-----
> as follows:
> - I want both method, SMTP-Auth and POP3-b4-SMTP, for allowing a client
>   to relay.
> - I don't want the system to /require/ SMTP-Auth when POP3-b4-SMTP
>   already set RELAYCLIENT=""
> But maybe I got it wrong ... Joel?

No, you got it right.  When I'd tested after rebuilding with SMTP-Auth,
I was unable to send mail through without authentication.  It could,
however, have been caused by my MUA (Evolution 1.4) and my own local
configuration, rather than the server - I'll be looking into that
tomorrow.  Thanks.


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