Ken Jones wrote:

On Monday 05 April 2004 4:05 pm, you wrote:

Ken Jones wrote:

Anyone want a test copy of vpopmaild
before it gets posted? It could use another
set of eyes.

Got it! It compiled and ran the first time. Good job Ken!

Am I correct that any user can be a System admin, if given SA_ADMIN rights, which is a new addition to vpopmail?

I just gave [EMAIL PROTECTED] SA rights, and I could list_domains, but not list_users on another domain. I got "XXX not aurhorized for domain."

I expect a system admin should have full access to the whole mail system. Do I have to do something to give system admin rights to individual domains? (Like have both SA_ADMIN and QA_ADMIN rights on the user.)

What do you plan to do with XXX in all the error messages?

Care for patches for some of the functions I requested?

More as I play...


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