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Any votes on which way of specifying directories would be easier

from the client program's point of view?

a) full paths
b) relative based on user or command

+1 for b) First, it would be a bit like chrooting, so potential exxploits
would have harder way to get out of ~vpopmail/. Second, would be easier to
user if there was no need for repeting full path everytime.

I disagree. If he chooses b, then you have to worry about what the rights of the current user is when composing commands. If he uses full paths, it doesn't matter what kind of user is at the browser, you always send the same command.

For example, using b to create a VacationMessage file for [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Sys Admin would send:

write_file /

The Domain admin would send:

write_file /user/VacationMessage

And the user would send:

write_file /VacationMessage

It would be much easier to write code for using the daemon if everyone
always referenced that file using the System Admin example, and you
don't have to do the same job three different ways depending on who
happens to be logged in.

Remember, there will be a whole bunch of PHP code on top of the daemon.


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