On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 17:06, Michael Bellears wrote:
> > 
> > Never used remote logging for multilog so I can't tell you 
> > about that, but it looks pretty straight forward.  NFS 
> > settings can be tweaked to improve its performance/bandwidth 
> > usage.  I've only seen it chew up a ton of bandwidth when 
> > things aren't setup properly, or when a drive couldn't be 
> > mounted properly.
> Thanks - Would it be worthwhile running Samba only (The NAS will be
> serving both Win+Linux boxes)?

I don't think samba gives the proper filesystem semantics that would be
needed for this to happen.

> > The other option though, is that 
> > vpopmail does support a master/slave setup where any writable 
> > queries go to server X while readable ones are done locally 
> > for performance.  This is a better scenario than two way 
> > replication since you don't run the risk of replication breakage.
> [that] option sounds much better - If a writable query is performed, I
> assume I must have master/slave configured (Master obviously being the
> "writable" mysql server, which would then update all the slaves?)

right.  We have several of those types of installations up and running. 
Works pretty well.


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