On Wednesday 07 April 2004 9:38 am, Marcin Sołtysiak wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed that in CVS version Ken sent us besides vpopmaild there is
> spamassassin handle. Ken, could you please describe in few word how it is
> goin to do the job?
> Will it allow to set per-user SA options like treshold? (I hope so :-).

It is based on the work by Alex Dupre to vdelivermail.c
Basicly if spamassassin is enabled, on delivery to
a specific mailbox it forks spamc with the options to pick up
their vpopmail user settings in 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]/.spamassassin/user_prefs. 

If that file or directory do not exist it can be created automatically 
if you start spamd with -c option. You'll need the  spamassassin 
2.63 patch file from the vpopmail files on sourceforge. 

Then with the vpopmaild read/write file commands you should
be able to modify a users spamassassin preferences.

It also includes support for a NO_SPAMASSASSIN gid flag
to turn off spamassassin processing if it was enabled. And
a DELETE_SPAM gid flag to automatically delete email
detected to be spam. And has support it vlimits, vmoduser
and vuserinfo for these flags.

I uploaded the vpopmaild code to cvs so we can use cvs to distribute
changes to vpopmaild.c while we test.


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