I am/was running vpopmail 5.2.1 and want to upgrade to 5.4.3.
I read the FAQ about upgrading and it seems pretty straightforward. I backup
up the recommended dir's, downloaded the latest stable release, compiled
with the same options I did when installing the current running version, did
make, then make strip....Now, the touch times on /vpop/bin/* indicate the
files were replaced by the newer version's files but I'm not so sure I got
the job done. All seems to be working fine though.

1. How do I know definitivley that I'm runnin the newer version?
2. qmailadmin reports the older version on it's login screen. Is this a sign
the upgrade didn't take?

I did the upgrade to overcome a bug I've posted about but never received a
response on. The bug is that when I run 'vdeldomain', it deletes the domain
fine but then the permissions on /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts gets changed
to 600. Weird...so I though getting the newest release would be a good place
to start.


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