On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 12:15, Thiago M. Campos wrote:
> Hi,
> I followed this
> http://www.pipeline.com.au/staff/mbowe/isp/webmail-server.htm howto to
> configure qmail + vpopmail + mysql 
>  but i get the following error when i try to add a domain:
> Failure while attempting to remove_line() the locals file
> Error. Failed to add domain to assign file

Not sure if I missed the resolution to this, or if you've fixed it, but
I just encountered the same problem on a fresh install, and the solution
was "touch /var/qmail/control/locals".  (google "vadduser failure while
attempting to remove_line()" found it, from this list in January ;^) 
You'll also have to remove the domain's info from /var/qmail/users
manually, or get a new error when you try to vadddomain the next time -
it actually /does/ add the domain to the assign file, /then/ it fails.


> When i started MySQL for the first time i get an error with Inoodb,
> the i disabled it using skip-innodb in my.cnf I don't know if my error
> is related with innodb.
> Can you give any help?
> Thanks
> Thiago
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