On Monday 12 April 2004 6:05 pm, Charles Wu wrote:
> Hi,
> Having some issues w/ vpasswd, and was wondering if anyone would know
> the answer
> Basically, trying to use the vpasswd command to change a virtual domains
> user password, but for some reason, I get the following:
> Enter the user's new password:
> Please type it again for verification:
> vpasswd: error changing the password for user
>   Invalid or unknown virtual user
> What's weird is the fact that if I do a vuserinfo on the same user, I
> get info showing that the account exists, but for some reason, can't
> seem to change it
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] include]$ vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> name:   postmaster
> passwd: $1$OsSOD$jxfjlOBzcu4ah8Wlz6yYe.
> clear passwd:
> uid:    1
> gid:    0
>         all services available
> dir:       /home/vpopmail/domains/hydeparkart.org/postmaster
> quota:     NOQUOTA
> usage:     NOQUOTA
> account created: Thu Oct 23 12:04:42 2003
> last auth: Never logged in
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] include]$
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...

Make sure you are running the vpopmail vpasswd program.
I've seen systems where both vpopmail and vmailmgr were 
installed. Both packages have vpasswd programs.

Ken Jones

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