Iavor Raytchev wrote:

At the very least, vpopmaild discussion should be on vpopmail-devel
instead of the vchkpw list.  I am sure that there are others, like me,
who aren't interested in following the early stages of development and
would prefer not to receive 20-30 messages a day discussing it.

May be I am catching up a bit too late. Did the vpopmaild discussion move

Yes we have moved to the sourceforge mailing list:


If you haven't seen what has been happening since the move, you will be quite happy, I think. Ken has 24 functions out of about 32 working, and I have a PHP object that handles all the low-level socket stuff to access them. It requires PHP be compiled with enable-sockets.

There is no archive, but if you want to see all the messages, I could tar up my copy and send it to you. (Let me know off list...)

The latest version of my object is at:


The latest version of Ken's daemon was sent out in an email.  Hopefully
he will be updating CVS with it soon.  The missing areas are IP_MAPs and
management of mailing lists.


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