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On Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 4:02:56 PM you wrote (at least in

>> I'm not sure what these 'read receipt' emails are with the winmail.dat
>> files attached, I will, for now, assume they are some new form of 
>> virus,
>> as they have come in via many different addresses.

> Actually, it's Peter Palmreuther's fault, he included a return receipt
> request in the following email (Disposition-Notification-To).

This is actually true and I'm deeply sorry. I still don't know what
set this flag over here, for sure it wasn't set intentionally. Must
have been set by accident and I wasn't able to find other recent mails
of mine that have it set. So it's not (as I first assumed) a
misconfiguration over here and it should NOT continue to appear in
mails from me.

I don't usually make any use of this options, so it must have been
activated accidentally, maybe my cat walked the keyboard and I did not
recognize the reading confirmation was turned on.

> A good solution would be to add that header to the headerremove file
> for this list.

100% ACK. Not only for preventing me stupid (my cat) doing this
accidentally again, but also for all those male-configured Outlook and
Outlook Express installations out there. Getting your mail I
immediately searched if I sent other mails with read confirmation set
as well and it turned out this was (luckily) my only one, but within
the last year there were 58 mails from different people having this
flag set.

I can only repeat I'm really sorry for this inconvenience :-(
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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