Tom Collins wrote:

[I'm cc'ing Bruce Guenter as the new maintainer of ezmlm-idx, as there's a change he should make to ezmlmrc.template.]

On Apr 14, 2004, at 2:07 AM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

I'm not sure what these 'read receipt' emails are with the winmail.dat
files attached, I will, for now, assume they are some new form of virus,
as they have come in via many different addresses.

Actually, it's Peter Palmreuther's fault, he included a return receipt request in the following email (Disposition-Notification-To). A good solution would be to add that header to the headerremove file for this list. It already strips "return-receipt-to" and "x-confirm-reading-to". The "disposition-notification-to" must be a new one, but it should get added to the ezmlmrc.template file in the next release of ezmlm-idx. (Thanks for jumping in as the new maintainer, Bruce!)

Headers of Peter's message, showing the Disposition-Notification-To:

Additionally, some corporate Outlooks are configured to automatically honour a return receipt request, with no user-interaction possible (and no way to turn it off, either).
At least, it was like that at a former company.

The joys of corporate email....


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