On Wednesday 14 April 2004 09:02 am, Tom Collins wrote:
> On Apr 14, 2004, at 2:07 AM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> > I'm not sure what these 'read receipt' emails are with the winmail.dat
> > files attached, I will, for now, assume they are some new form of
> > virus,
> > as they have come in via many different addresses.
> Actually, it's Peter Palmreuther's fault, he included a return receipt
> request in the following email (Disposition-Notification-To).

ahh ok.  I've seen read receipt emails before, but I didn't think MUAs would 
send them to the mailing list, I figured they'd just go to the original 
sender or go to the vchkpw-return address...

> A good 
> solution would be to add that header to the headerremove file for this
> list.  It already strips "return-receipt-to" and
> "x-confirm-reading-to".

nods, will definitely add this.

Ok, I guess I didn't look hard enough to see that the messages were all 'in 
response' to the same email.

That header is now in headerremove, thanks Tom for catching that one.


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