your question is not related to vpopmail, it's a qmail question and
should be asked on the qmail mailing list.

That being said:

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 17:45, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> How can you modify the qmail bounce program so that it doesn't set a
> "from" line of "<@#[]>" ?

that's the envelope sender of a double bounce.

> I have the "postmaster" account on my qmail box forwarded to a machine
> running sendmail and sendmail of course rejects "<@#[]>" as a bogus
> domain. 

right, as it's supposed to.

> This results in the bounce bounceing (or perhaps a triple bounce?).

right, a triple bounce, because an email with an envelope sender of
<@#[]> is already a double bounce.

> Any pointers/hints would be greatly appreciated.

set qmail up to send bounces to a different address that is on the same
machine.  double bounces are not meant to be sent via smtp, to avoid
mail loops and the like.

man qmail-control
look for 'doublebounceto' and 'doublebouncehost'


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