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There's a section of the README.mysql for vpopmail which says;

If you have domains that are already setup as cdb modules and

you want to convert them to sql:

Will this apply to only virtual domains?


And again, i have a defautdomain that i wish to vadduser to. I didnt create this default domain as a virtual domain i have been using it sucessfullt with my qmail long before i installed vpopmail. Thus i have this domain in /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts and locals. Is it possible to vaddusers to this default domain?

Users that aren't in a virtual domain are referred to as "system users". You add them in the same way you did before you installed vpopmail. vpopmail doesn't know about them and doesn't get involved with them, other than to have vchkpw authenticate them. Qmail handles delivery to system accounts -- vdelivermail isn't called. vadd/del/mod utilities don't work with system users either. They are user accounts on the system, managed by the OS.

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