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> Hi, i don t know if this is the good forum but as it s a problem with
> courier-imap or vpopmail (i don t really know) i will post it.
> My problem is that authdeamon open many files (when i say many it s many
> grow each day until my box reach the limits) and when i look which files
> open i see :
> authdaemo 10769     root  202u  VREG 116,131078          0   94670
> /usr/local/vpopmail/etc/open-smtp.tmp.10769

> many pages like this, so my question is why does it open so many files (or
> why doesn t it close them after use)
> if anybody can help

This bug was reported to me by another user last week, and I am currently
investigating it

I believe it occurs in the following circumstances :

* recent version of courier-imap running in authdaemon mode
* vpopmail with roaming users enabled

It is my understanding that when courier-imap is running in authdaemon mode,
the IP address of the user is not available to the authvchkpw functions in
courier. The authvchkpw code calls the vpopmail open_smtp_relay() function.
The open_smtp_relay() function needs to have access to the IP address, so it
should abort immediately if the IP is missing, but with cdb auth (and maybe
others), the abort doesnt occur until after some temp files have been

I expect to be able to upload a fix for this shortly.


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